Reduce power consumption in your office with SmartPower

Are your computers on 24/7?

Many organisations leave their computers switched on 24/7. Some common reasons for this include:

  • The IT department needs to update or install software out-of-hours.
  • The IT department needs to run virus/malware scans out-of-hours.
  • The organisation would like the computers to be switched on before the work day begins, ready for staff to use.
  • Staff forget to turn off their computers at the end of the work day.

Most overnight tasks do not last more than a few hours; for the rest of the night the computer sits idle, wasting electricity. With a typical office PC consuming around 50 watts, the cost of this wasted electricity quickly adds up.

SmartPower can reduce your energy consumption

SmartPower is a Windows utility that saves electricity by intelligently sleeping and waking your computers.

SmartPower combines user configurable schedules with intelligent monitoring, to turn off computers only when they are no longer being used. SmartPower can be configured to automatically wake computers that are sleeping, so that they are ready to be used again.

SmartPower will monitor the following types of activity:

  • Schedules – is there a pre-set period during which the computer must stay on?
  • Users – is there an active user; is somebody using the keyboard or mouse?
  • Devices – is there another device on the network that may be using this computer?
  • Networks – is the computer transmitting or receiving significant amounts of data?
  • CPU – is the CPU usage above a particular threshold?
  • Processes – is a particular process (program) running on the computer?
  • Power requests – has another program requested that the computer stay on?

An example

Here's how SmartPower could be used to save £408 a month in an example organisation with 100 computers:

Example Ltd has 100 computers that consume electricity at an average rate of 50 watts. Staff are instructed not to shutdown their computers when they go home; this allows the IT department to run occasional software updates and virus scans at 6pm.

Example Ltd pay 16 pence per kWh of electricity, making their monthly electricity bill for their computers £582.

Example Ltd install SmartPower on their computers and configure it as follows:

  • Schedules – they create a schedule for Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. SmartPower will always keep the computers on between those times.
  • Users – they configure SmartPower to keep the computer on if a user has been active in the last 20 minutes.
  • Network – they configure a threshold of 15KB/sec. SmartPower will keep the computers on while the network traffic exceeds 15KB/sec.
  • Processes – they enter the process names of the virus scan and software update programs. SmartPower will keep the computers on when scans and updates are taking place.

With SmartPower installed, the computers almost always turn off at 6pm. If an update or virus scan has been started, SmartPower waits until it is complete and then turns off the computers. At the weekends, they're not on at all. Every weekday, at 8am, the computers automatically turn on, ready to be used.

The monthly computer electricity bill at Example Ltd drops by 70% to £173 a month — a saving of £408. (Click here to see this example in the Savings Calculator.)

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