Change log


  • Added support for configuring SmartPower with Group Policy.
  • Changed inter-process communication method between idle monitor and service.


  • Changed the .NET framework target to .NET 4 Client Profile, improving ease of installation on Windows 8 (and Windows Server 2012) onwards.


  • Changed the way the domain name was retrieved, again.


  • Changed the way the domain name was retrieved (to make it more reliable).


  • Added another power plan check (see previous release) for "hibernate after" setting.


  • In Vista onwards, the configuration utility now checks (and allows users to change) the three essential settings within the active Windows power plan: sleep timeout, unattended sleep timeout, wake timers. For Windows XP (or server equivalent), the configuration utility warns about sleep timeout.


  • Fixed missing icon in SmartPower Configuration.exe.


  • Fixed minor bug where certain functions in configuration utility would error if settings had never been saved.


  • Improved network usage monitoring so that network usage is averaged over the last ~60 seconds.
  • Fixed bug where SmartPower Idle Monitor started reporting incorrect information after 29 days of system uptime.
  • Fixed rare bug where communication between SmartPower Idle Monitor and SmartPower service became unreliable.
  • Minor UI enhancements.


  • Added better handling for full event logs (usually only an issue on Windows XP).
  • Added a few help tooltips to configuration utility.


  • Added new "power requests" feature.


  • Fixed bug that resulted in incorrect wake-up times for PCs using non-zero GMT offsets. (That will teach me to change working code so that it better matches the Windows API documentation!)


  • Added "user activity" feature.
  • Various UI enhancements in configuration utility.


  • Fixed UI bug related to new network interface list.
  • Removed "isatap" and "Teredo" psuedo-interfaces from network interface list.


  • Add support for multiple network interfaces.
  • Improved handling of corrupt Performance Counters.


  • Updated EULA.


  • Fixed bug where SmartPower could not shutdown some computers.
  • Fixed bug where SmartPower would not wake computer if there was only 1 schedule that contained only 1 day.
  • Fixed rare bug where SmartPower service would error as Windows was starting up. This could cause network adapters to take longer to initialise.
  • Added licensing tab.


  • Added "Run after resume" option to Advanced settings.
  • Added additional support for 3rd party applications that modify the SmartPower configuration file.
  • UI spelling fixes.


  • Minimum grace time is now 3 minutes, to help prevent endless reboots. Default grace time of 5 minutes for new installs.
  • Event log entries use different event ids depending on the event type.
  • Optional automatic reloading of settings now available.
  • Minor UI and usability enhancements.